Siting Guidelines for Orange and Green category units

(GOK Notification No.FEE 195 ENV 2002 dtd 21.06.2003 & No.FEE 87 ENV 2005 dtd 05.07.2005)

1. Siting guidelines for green category industries would be minimal

2. No new Orange category industry generating effluent and /or emission shall be permitted within City/Municipal limits. Automobile servicing & repair stations (excluding heavy vehicles) are permitted within these limits subject to compliance of point no.9 of these siting guidelines.

3. No orange category industry having effluent discharge shall be established within 500m from the riverbanks/reservoirs/major tanks.

4. No orange category industry shall be established within 75m of National and State Highway and State Highways, 50m of Main District Roads, 17.5m of Other District Roads and 15m of Village Roads.

5. No Orange Category industry shall be established within 12 Km from the notified archeological monuments.

6. No Orange Category industry shall be established within declared biosphere reserves and Eco sensitive zone.

7. No Orange Category industry shall be established within 10 Kms of the boundaries of National parks and Sanctuaries and wildlife corridors.

8. The industry proposed in the coastal areas shall be governed by the Coastal Regulation Zone rules issued by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, from time to time.

9. License for both orange and green category industries shall be issued by the Municipalities/Municipal Corporations after the industry obtains Consent for Establishment (CFE) from Karnataka State Pollution Control Board.


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