1  Click Here -->  Authorizing IBM for according approval of mining plans for minor minerals - issue of clarification_12.07.2017
2 EIA Notification, 1994
3 EIA Notification, 2006
4 EIA Notification, 2006 - Interim Operational Guidelines_21.11.2006
5 Environmental Clearance by the State Environmental Clearance Committee-issue of clarification-reg_08.12.2011
6 KRSC, 2011
7 KRSC, 2012
8 KRSC, 2013 (Kannada)
9 KRSC, 2014
10 Amendment w.r.t. SEIAA; some descriptions in Schedule-I, Form-I, Appendix-IV (Procedure for conduct of PH)_01.12.2009
11 Amendment in some discription in Schedule-I w.r.t. Mining of minerals _09.09.2013
12 Amendment in some discription in Schedule-I w.r.t. Mining of minerals_14.08.2018
13 Clarification on mining leases of Major & Minor Minerals_02.07.2007
14 Clarification regarding applicability of EIA Notification, 2006 in respect of Beneficiation Plant_22.09.2008
15 Key parameters to be monitore in respect of Mining projects by the Project Proponents_27.05.2009
16 Procedure for conduct of PH by the SPCBs or PCCs under the EIA Notifcation, 2006 - Instructions_19.04.2010
17 Adherence to the procedure for conduct of Public Hearing as prescribed in EIA Notification, 2006_28.09.2011
18 Order of Hon'ble SC dated 27.02.2012 in I. A. No. 12-13 of 2011 in SLP No. 19628-19629 of 2009_18.05.2012
19 Categorization of category B projects into B1 & B2 - Guidelines_24.12.2013
20 Clarification with regard to requirement of EC for Mining of minerals at the time of mine renewal_02.06.2014
21 Impact of mining activities on Habitation_29.10.2014
22 Conducting of Public Hearing as per EIA Notification, 2006_25.01.2010
23 Conduct of Public Hearing by the Concerned SPCB or the UTPCC_09.10.2014
24 Clarification regarding consideration of Integrated projects_06.02.2007
25 Grant of Consents under the Water Act, 1974 and Air  Act, 1981 and charging consent fees thereon_02.02.2017
26 Implementation of approved R&R plan in respect of C category mining leases_24.12.2019
27 Procedure for applying for the Central Empowered Committee_14.06.2002
28 Formation of CEC_03.06.2002
29 Clarification regarding considering of EC project for mining of minor mineral-Amendments in the EIA Notification, 2006_15.03.2016
30 Notifications issued by the MOEF CC vide S.O. No. 2571 E dated 31.08.2015
31 Validity of Terms of Reference (TORs) for developmental projects requiring EC_12.01.2017
32 ToR - Extension of validity period_29.08.2017
33 Environmental Clearance to the expansion projects under the EIA – Certified Compliance Report regarding_07.09.2017
34 Consideration of mining proposals involving violation of the EIA_30.05.2018
35 Clarification for carrying out the mining of minerals including over burden and dump mining_18.06.2018
36 Standardization of Environment Clearance conditions for Non-Coal mining sector - reg_08.01.2019
37 Addition of Mineral Beneficiation in the EIA notification, 2006_25.06.2014
38 Amendment for EC_SO 1141(E)_29.04.2015
39 Prevention of SC units in the Eco Sensitive Zone i.e., Bannerghatta National Park_26.08.2013
40 Board Office Notification_16.11.2018
41 Circular on Quarry not applicable to KSPCB Purview_12.02.2014
42 DEIAA members for grant of EC for minor minerals_20.01.2016
43 EC process for mining of Minor minerals_15.01.2016
44 Guidelines prepared by CPCB and applicable to all states - Estimation of damage due to SC (Mechanism in O. A No. 739 of 2018 (State of MP)_Stone Crushers)
45 OM Issue of CFE & CFO manually not through XGN_18.06.2016
46 OM-Stone Crusher validity 3722 26.09.2019 - Form-C submission within 6 months
47 Subsequent renewal of CFO_07.03.2019
48 CPCB Environmental Standards Integrated Iron & Steel Plant (Emission & Wastewater Discharge)
49 CPCB Environmental Standards Lime Kiln (Emission)
50 CPCB Environmental Standards Stationary DG sets (Guidelines for Control of Noise)
51 CPCB Environmental Standards Stone Crushing Unit (Standards for SPM)
52 Conditions stipulated at the time of issue of Consents Stone Crusher & M Sand
53 Conditions stipulated at the time of issue of Consents Sponge Iron Units
54 Conditions stipulated at the time of issue of Consents Iron Ore mine
55 Conditions stipulated at the time of issue of Consents Integrated Steel Plants
56 Guidelines_for_Environmental_Personnel_in_Mines_20092016


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